The Sartoria

Massimiliano Capobianco was born in Rome on February 16th, 1983. Due to his close relationship with his uncle, whose passion and profession was dressmaking, he began to mature, in his childhood years, a strong curiosity for the fascinating realm of patters and fabrics

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The Style

The style of the Sartoria Capobianco is inspired by the ancient Neapolitan school, pure indication of freedom of expression

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«Style is the dress of thoughts, and a well-dressed thought, like a well-dressed man, appears to great advantage». (Philip D. S. Chesterfield)


Each piece is the result of a focused pathway towards beauty, achieved through his meticulous care for detail and his use of first-quality materials. The result is an ode to individuality. A unique product that reflects the taste and personality of the man who wears it

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As a knight seeks shelter and distinction in his gleaming armor, the modern gentleman chooses not to relinquish the values of traditional tailoring, but rather makes this last the banner of his gracious approach to society


Via Collina, 34
00187 Roma, RM

+39 06 42016896


10 AM -12 AM / 4 PM – 7 PM