The Tailor Shop

Massimiliano Capobianco was born in Rome on 16 February 1983. The proximity of an uncle, a tailor by profession and choice, fed since childhood his curiosity for a fascinating world of made of shapes and textures. When he was only thirteen he already had a clear vision of its future, and and this led him to attend the Armando Diaz school of tailoring in Rome, from which came up with a professional qualification of tailor, with the desire to make of a passion a lifetime job.

In 2010, after several apprenticeships aimed at improving his skills, at the age of 27 he opened his tailor shop in the heart of Rome, just a few hundred meters from the famous “via Veneto”.

Capobianco puts at the center of his art an intimate relationship with the customer, which becomes the guide of the wise artisan’s hand: each piece is the result of a concerted path of beauty brought to completion with studied attention to detail. The result is a unique product that reflects the taste and the personality of the customer.

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